Compassion. Commitment. Healing.
Bringing the most advanced cancer treatment services, technologies and programs available to one convenient location, close to home. The Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute stands on the combined strength of Genesys Regional Medical Center and Hurley Medical Center. It is a partnership, completely focused on patient care of unsurpassed excellence. From aggressive prevention programs and early detection services to the application of leading edge diagnostics and treatment techniques, the Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute infuses hope into the heart of our community. Positive outcomes require the best. Starting with a team of highly qualified physicians coupled with an outstanding technical and professional staff, the best has been assembled right here in our own backyard. For thousands of cancer patients in our area, this wonderful news promises millions of brighter tomorrows.
Many patients, friends and family find peace and solace in our meditation garden, located off the lower level. Seating also is available.
State-of-the-Art Equipment

The Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute offers the latest collection of cancer fighting equipment available. Everything from information and cancer management systems to the most advanced computer-driven therapy techniques, the Institute provides physicians with the widest range of complex cancer fighting options, enabling treatment with pinpoint accuracy. Everything we do is born out of helping patients feel better faster.