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The Heart of Grief – Starting Oct. 1


When: Thursdays at 1:30-2:30pm Starting Oct. 1st

An Eight week class. Nothing can arouse stronger feelings in any of us than being told “You have cancer.” With that diagnosis often comes fear accompanied by many layers of loss: loss of our previous identity, of certainty in our future, loss of our work, previously held roles as a parent, loss of income, loss of our strength and confidence, and loss of a loved one. Our unexpressed grief can be a big source of stress as we try to hold our life together. Join us in learning a variety of ways to jumpstart your thinking and begin to open your heart to the grief you carry. We will build a trusting and supportive community together. You may even walk away feeling less alone, and a bit lighter, clearer and happier.

A working Email address is required at Registration. Email will be used to send connection links for each class and additional information as needed.

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