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Mindfulness Class – Starting March 15 & April 12



When: Mondays at 4:15-5:15p starting March 15 & April 12

A four week class:  Learn/practice the art and skill of present moment awareness in sitting, breathing , and very slow gentle movement.  We will be sitting in a firm chair for this class (like a kitchen or dining room or metal folding chair as opposed to a cushy desk or reclining chair).          

Jon Kabat-Zinn has defined mindfulness meditation as “the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally”. By focusing on the breath and the body sensations, we notice or bring attention to the body/ mind as it is moment to moment. Cultivating this ability to be aware in the present moment can help calm the mind and bring a sense of ease and lessened pain to the body.  No prior experience is necessary to participate.

A working Email address is required at Registration. Email will be used to send connection links for each class and additional information as needed.


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March 15, April 12

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