January 24, 2022 Esophageal

Protocol: ECOG – EA2174


Please Note:  Below is partial eligibility, for full eligibility requirement’s, please contact GHCI Research Department at (810) 762-8181, (810) 762-8079 and/or (810)762-8038. Thank you!


  1. Patients must have histologically confirmed T1N1-3M0 or T2-3N0-2M0 esophageal or gastroesophageal junctional adenocarcinoma (Siewert I and II).
  2. Patents must be deemed a surgical candidate by a thoracic surgeon, surgical oncologist, or surgeon who is qualified to perform an esophagectomy.
  3. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  4. Patients may not have received prior chemotherapy or radiation therapy for management for this malignancy.
  5. Patients may not have received prior immunotherapy for management of this malignancy or for any other past malignancy.
  6. Patients must have no contraindication to receiving either carboplatin or paclitaxel chemotherapy.
  7. Patients must have no contraindication to receiving radiation therapy.
  8. Patient must NOT have previous or concurrent malignancy except for non-melanoma skin cancer, in situ cervical cancer, superficial bladder cancer or breast cancer in situ and prior malignancy completely excised or removed and patient has been continuously disease free for greater than or equal to 5 years.

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