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Protocol#: ECOG – E2112

Cancer Type: Breast Metastatic


1. Estrogen receptor (ER) and/or progesterone receptor (PR) positive histologically confirmed adenocarcinoma of the breast with staining of ≥ 1% cells will be considered positive. Receptor status may be based on any time during treatment prior to study randomization, and from any site (i.e. primary, recurrent, or metastatic).

Reaearch & Trial Information SCHEMA RTOG 1119 Protocol#:  RTOG - 1119 Cancer Type: Breast Metastatic Eligibility: 1. Pathologically (histologically or cytologically) proven diagnosis of invasive breast cancer. 2. HER2 overexpressing breast cancer (3+ staining by immunohistochemistry or HER2 gene amplification by FISH or SISH ≥ 2.0). 3. At least 1 measurable and no more than 10 unirradiated parenchymal brain metastasis within 21 days prior to study entry. The minimum size as measured on T1-weighted gadolinium-enhanced MRI must be as follows according to the number of brain metastases:

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