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Protocol#: SWOG – S1605

Cancer Type: GU Bladder


  1. Patients must have histologically proven, recurrent, non-muscle invasive urothelial carcinoma of the bladder within 60 days prior to registration. The carcinoma must be Stage T1 High-Grade, Stage CIS, or Stage Ta High-Grade.
  2. Patients with mixed urothelial carcinoma and a glandular and/or squamous component will be eligible for the trial, but the presence of other histologic variants, pure adenocarcinoma, or pure squamous cell carcinoma, will make a patient ineligible.
  3. Patients must have had all visible tumor resected completely within 60 days prior to registration. CIS disease is not expected to be completely excised. All patients must have tumor tissue from the histologic diagnosis of recurrence available for central pathology review submission. Failure to submit these materials will make the patient ineligible for this study.

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