New Day Foundation helps Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute Patients

May 11, 2021

May 3, 2021

(GENESEE COUNTY, MI) Did you know the bankruptcy rate among cancer survivors is 260 percent higher than those who live without cancer?

New Day Foundation for Families is a statewide organization dedicated to helping relieve some of the financial burden of families dealing with cancer. New Day works in partnership with Michigan hospitals and cancer centers such as Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute to customize a financial treatment plan. Studies show that financial difficulties for cancer patients have led to serious debt, bankruptcy and a disruption of needed medical treatment. 

New Day Foundation provides vital resources to bridge this financial gap, allowing cancer patients to focus on their health instead of their financial concerns. 

Katrina Skelton of Caro, a Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute patient, is just one individual who has benefited from New Day Foundation support.

“Thanks to the foundation, I received a one-year prescription of medical Ensure to help me gain weight. It is quite expensive, and we cannot afford to buy it on our own. I now weigh 101 pounds, the first time in four years that I have weighed over 100 pounds!” she is thrilled to announce. The product is delivered to her home every four months.

New Day Foundation also has paid for Katrina’s gas so she can travel the 112-mile round trip from Caro to Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute for her chemotherapy and radiation treatments. “The foundation also took care of our electric bill. They have helped our family so much!”

Amanda Boes, social worker at Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute, helped Katrina complete an application for financial assistance from New Day. “I would not have known about this service if Amanda hadn’t helped me out,” Katrina points out.

This is Katrina’s second battle with cancer, and she is very hopeful it will be her last. Her physicians – Radiation Oncologist Paul Kocheril, MD: and Medical Oncologist Rizwan Danish, MD – all work at Genesys  Hurley Cancer Institute. “I’ve got a great team of doctors,” she reports. “I’m in very capable hands.” 

Katrina admits she initially sought treatment at another cancer center and was disappointed in the care and service. “Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute doctors and staff have a special kind of caring I did not find at the other center.”

“New Day Foundation has helped families of our patients at Christmas so the kids still could enjoy the holidays,” reports Suzy Hosler, executive director of Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute. “The organization also has provided thousands of dollars in financial support for our patients who are struggling with paying rent or utilities. We are very grateful for their assistance.”

New Day Foundation for Families has been in existence for 14 years. The organization has raised more than $5 million to help more than 4,500 families in Michigan. Its services include financial assistance for children and adults undergoing treatment, emotional support – licensed therapists provide services for free – Care Packs to families (containing comfort items such as blankets, prayer shawls, journals and age-appropriate toys), and financial services (New Day can help patients optimize insurance plans and minimize out-of-pocket medical costs and prescriptions). The organization also has volunteers who can grocery shop and deliver groceries to patients unable to do their own shopping.

“Families facing cancer have been hit hard during the pandemic,” reports Gina Kell Spehn, co-founder and president of New Day Foundation for Families. “All of us at New Day are addressing the emotional and financial impact of COVID-19 on our community. From loss of income and delayed treatment to food instability and increased risk of contracting the disease, our families are

facing more obstacles than ever before,” she finds. “We are fortunate to have wonderful hospital partners such as Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute and social workers like Amanda Boes to connect us to families in need.”

To learn more about New Day Foundation for Families, visit its website: 

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