Quality, safety, efficiency, dedication … GHCI exceeds in all

February 16, 2021

An onsite chemotherapy pharmacy team; hundreds of clinical trials accessible to patients; highly trained and certified chemotherapy clinicians; and compassionate, cohesive, coordinated care – this is what Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute (GHCI) patients will receive day after day, every single day.

“Our chemotherapy-certified and credentialed full-time pharmacist is on site overseeing all chemotherapy drugs ordered and delivered to ensure all patients receive the exact drug and dosage, quickly, efficiently and safely,” reports Paul Adams, MD, medical oncologist at GHCI who oversees chemotherapy services at the institute. “We not only double check all orders, we triple check each one,” he adds. 

The pharmacist at the center, along with two pharmacy technicians, work exclusively with chemotherapy patients. In addition, their facility maintains the highest quality of safety and sterility possible along with equipment to match these same standards.

Once the drugs have “passed” all of the rigid “checkpoints,” GHCI chemotherapy-certified registered nurses deliver and dispense the drugs directly to patients. “They, too, are our experts when it comes to chemotherapy,” Dr. Adams points out.

“Our state-of-the-art pharmacy and the support team who keeps it running flawlessly is just one component that demonstrates the superior care and service we provide our patients.”

Clinical trials are another integral piece.

GHCI actively is involved in hundreds of clinical trials – all accessible to GHCI patients. “We offer the newest chemotherapy drugs – ones that are FDA-approved, and ones still undergoing final testing. We have access to some 200 clinical trials for virtually every cancer tumor,” Dr. Adams reports. 

The TAPUR (Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registration) study, for example, has 25 patients now enrolled in the trial at GHCI. “We were the first cancer center in the country to introduce the trial,” Dr. Adams reports. It is designed for patients with a locally advanced cancer who have exhausted all standard treatment options. FDA-approved drugs are used in this trial in hopes of finding a treatment that will work effectively and safely.

MATCH is another clinical trial underway at GHCI. “We are studying the different mutations of lung cancer cells to determine the drug that best matches that specific mutation,” Dr. Adams explains. Patients will receive treatment based on the genetic makeup of the cancer cells found in their tumor.

“Different mutations in tumors helps us determine the specific drug that has the best chance of destroying or shrinking the cancer,” he adds. “There is no cookie cutter drug for any cancer; we carefully analyze the tumor mutation before we set up the patient’s treatment plan.

“Molecular medicine is the future when it comes to finding a cure for cancer, and I am proud to say that Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute is on the forefront of this research,” Dr. Adams announces. (Molecular medicine provides an understanding of the unique molecular mechanisms of disease including cell structure, function, changes and mutations. With this information, physicians can treat a patient’s specific cancer more precisely).

“Everything we do here is superior and revolutionary because of our dedicated cancer team,” Dr. Adams adds. “The people at our center have devoted their entire career to the care of cancer patients. “This is what they do day in and day out, and they provide this care as good as, and often, better than any other cancer center anywhere, and at the highest level of quality possible.

“And the care is close to home. Patients will receive the same exceptional and newest treatments at our center as they would if they traveled to a center 100 miles away.

“We always will strive to deliver the highest quality of personalized care to our patients, and I believe we do that every single day at Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute.”

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