Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute survivors celebrate life

August 15, 2019
Pat Gruener, patient

Pat Gruener of Clio, began her cancer journey in May 2018 when “my life was put on hold.” She was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time, her calendar was packed with activities – from golf to travel to family events. But, suddenly, it all was erased and replaced with doctors’ appointments and treatments.

What kept her sane and somewhat calm through the next year was Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute (GHCI) and her many new-found friends who provided support, encouragement and the best care possible,” Gruener announces.

“I felt at home immediately,” she says about GHCI. “I was so well taken care of.”

The survivor celebration included entertainment by StoweGood, a musical duo who perform uplifting music and share inspirational messages.

Gruener retold her story to a crowd of more than 200 cancer survivors who recently gathered at the Flint Institute of Arts to celebrate life. The event was hosted by Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute.

“We are celebrating the thousands of cancer survivors in our community who successfully have fought this disease,” announces Sue Root, director of Quality of Life at GHCI, who organized the event. “It truly is a gathering of support, inspiration and happiness.

“Our celebration is a time for cancer survivors and their loved ones to stand united in support of one another, to feel empowered and encouraged when looking into the future. It is very heartwarming to see so many survivors in one place, sharing their stories and enjoying their cancer-free life.”

The night of the celebration Gruener announced that her last treatment was completed that same day, and she was in remission. “Now I can start filling my calendar again with the things I love to do,” she smiled, and continued to smile the entire evening.

“Cancer is life-changing physically, emotionally and spiritually, but it encourages new relationships with new friends who will support each other for a lifetime,” she shares. “Keeping spirits up is such an important part of recovery. I’m so grateful for my Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute family.”

Paul Kocheril, MD

According to Paul Kocheril, MD, GHCI medical director and radiation oncologist, “Cancer treatments aren’t perfect, but the good news is five-year survival rates nationally have gone up. Two thirds of patients diagnosed with cancer survive at least five years. And there’s more good news: cancer deaths have declined 27 percent over the past 25 years.”

The survivor celebration included entertainment by StoweGood, a musical duo who perform uplifting music and share inspirational messages.

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